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Learn useful Adjectives for Describing People in English with examples and pictures. You can jump to any section of this lesson: [hide] 1 Adjectives for Describing People in English 1.1 Adjectives for Describing General Appearance 1.1.1 Beautiful 1.1.2 Pretty 1.1.3 Elegant 1.1.4 Funny 1.1.5 Cute 1.1.6 Handsome 1.1.7 Gorgeous 1.1.8 Ugly 1.1.9 Attractive 1.2 Adjectives for Describing Someone's. Hurt, pain and ache are examples of words we can use to describe the physical pain that we feel.. Hurt. Hurt is a verb and it describes the act of feeling pain Describe yourself physically. -Basically, I am a young green-eyed girl with white skin and brown hair with the typical Russian look. I do seem younger than my age. Describe yourself emotionally -At the first glance, I am an emotionally balanced person

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  1. Examples of Descriptive Essays About a Person - Descriptive essay is one type of essay that aims to describe a specific object (animal, person, or other thing) specifically. This text type has a slight difference with report text written based on common terms. The following essays are some examples of descriptive essays about a person, family members, and famous people
  2. Example: 3 Brothers came to him and said that they're Father had died (This is in Arabia by the way) and that their Father had left 17 camels of inheritance and they said that he left for his oldest son to inherit 1/2 of the 17 camels and second oldest 1/3 of 17 and the youngest 1/9 of the 17 camels. So this person replied okay I'll give you my camel so that makes 18
  3. Describing a person who is not learning as fast as expected as you should avoid using the terms physically challenged or mentally challenged to refer to people with physical or mental disabilites. Your comments may be interpreted as mocking or inappropriately facetious. cleft lip. Cleft lip is the standard accepted term, and should be used instead of harelip, which can cause offence.
  4. Physically: 5 foot 7, size 8, dark brown hair that is short with lots of layers. I dress casually. A jeans girl totally. Emotionally: I cry at movies and I am totally sappy. But I am also stubborn and will stand up for anyone and anything I believe in no matter what. So yeah I react emotionally. Mentally: I am psycho! I am stubborn as I said before. I don't really know what to say here
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  6. g; dainty: someone who is delicate or small or.
  7. To describe a person's physical appearance, start with general information like hair color and length, approximate height and weight, gender, and age range. Then, get more specific by describing features like the eyes, nose, and mouth, and don't forget to include distinctive characteristics like visible tattoos. If you can remember anything very specific about their clothing, shoes, or movements, include those descriptions, too
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It isn't always easy to recognize the signs of mental and emotional abuse. Psychological abuse involves attempts to frighten, control, or isolate you. It can happen anywhere: in a romantic. Describe a person - your best friend example answer I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends - schoolmates, ne... Essay - Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones may be Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité For example, you need to describe a person. Ask a question: for what purpose? If in order to tell how cute he is, then you will describe his appearance. If the goal is to write that he is a very good friend, then you will have to describe not only the external features but also his or her character. For an example, I'll write a couple of essays that describe a person. It will be a description.

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Physical activity in any form is a great way to keep you physically healthy as well as improving your mental wellbeing. Research shows that doing exercise influences the release and uptake of feel-good chemicals called endorphins in the brain. Even a short burst of 10 minutes brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. Read the Let's Get Physical report for more on. I mean, really describe them, so that I could have a clear image in my head of what they look like — things like body shape, age, hair, etc.? If you want to do it well, describing people's appearance in English can be tricky and requires a lot of detail. So today, let's look at 72 adjectives to describe appearance in English

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If you're physically, mentally and spiritually advanced- you are more able to deal with the challenges that life presents you. Likewise, if you're regularly working on bettering yourself as a person, then your improvements will be obvious to those closest to you. This means that by prioritizing your personal development, you could not only improve yourself, but you could also build on the. For example, the real image may be recorded on a photographic plate; it may be measured; it can be physically altered by polarization, by spectrum analysis of the light employed by absorbing layers, &c. The greatest advantage of the compound microscope is that it represents a larger area, and this much more completely than is possible in the simple form How to describe people - Appearances. How to describe someone in English. Learn English Basics Words used to describe someone's psychological state Free thesaurus definition of mentally ill from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education mentally definition: 1. connected with or related to the mind: 2. connected with or related to the mind: . Learn more

A mentally healthy person has a variety of interests and generally lives a well-balanced life of work, rest and recreation. A healthy individual is not only physically healthy but also mentally healthy. The modern concept of health extends beyond the proper functioning of the body. It includes a sound, efficient mind and controlled emotions. Health is a state of being hale, sound or whole. 37.2 Write one sentence to describe each of these people, giving information about their hair and face, their height and build and general appearance. 1 you yourself 3 a neighbour 2 your best friend 4 your ideal of a handsome man / a beautiful woman Now, in the same way, describe somebody very famous, give some extra clues about them, e.g Go through the examples with the class and brainstorm other : possible adjectives for height, body build and age. Then, have the students write short descriptions of the people in the pictures using the verb to be and adjectives, e.g. 'The girl is young and slim'. After that, students learn how to use 'have' and 'has' to describe hair colour, hair length and facial features. Go through the. Some words are better suited to describing the physical appearance of someone, some are best used to describe the person's style, and others are ideal for describing the person's character traits. It is important to have these words in your written and spoken vocabulary because you may, at some point in your life, face a situation that requires you to describe someone. Personality. Growing mentally refers to a person's psychological growth—the way we think and deal with different situations, and by what methods we develop and disseminate information. Growing up physically refers to a person's physical growth—like increased height, strength, and health. It can also refer to the development of your brain

Here you will find a comprehensive list of words to describe someone in English with examples and pictures. If you are telling someone about your Grandmother and you want to be able to convey what a lovely person she is, this would be a great time to use personality adjectives. In English, when you are talking about someone's personality, there are some great adjectives that you can use to. How to Describe Physical Appearance Describing physical appearance is one of the common topics that you will study since the topic is found in the most used textbooks. In order to describe physical appearance in English, you need to manage these : Physical AppearanceSimple Present Present Continuous / Past Continuou Get an answer for 'Describe General Zaroff's physical appearance & personality in The Most Dangerous Game.' and find homework help for other The Most Dangerous Game questions at eNote For example if forced to describe myself in 10 words I would pick: Positive, Determined, Motivated, Grounded, Compassionate, Loyal, Non-judgemental, Hopeful & Resourceful . So try it out now. Ask yourself: How would you describe yourself in 10 words? And how does your list differ from how your kids would describe themselves? If you are brave enough, ask your kids to describe YOU in 10 words. Example: I'm a people-person. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and I like making people feel comfortable in my presence. I find this skill is especially helpful when kicking off projects with new clients. In my previous job, my clients' customer satisfaction scores were 15% over the.

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Many people are able to enjoy drinking alcohol in moderation, but there can be some serious side effects when a person binge drinks or drinks heavily over a long period of time. There are short and long-term effects of alcohol that can negatively impact your physical and mental health. The effects of alcohol can range from temporary memory loss to death; in 2015, there were 8,758 alcohol. Examples in fiction and nonfiction of inner strength and fortitude. But many people may not look at themselves as a mentally strong person. We are often our harshest critics and do not realize what kind of strengths we possess. Here are 25 signs that show you have nerves of steel: 1. You don't yell or become easily angry. Even in the harshest stress factors, you choose to stay calm and you. Start studying Metaphors and Similes: To Describe People. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Adjectives To Describe People - Physical Appearance. Here's a list of adjectives to describe a person's physical appearance with example sentences. attractive - She is a very attractive woman. bald - I have a bald head. beautiful - You have beautiful eyes. big - He has a big nose. blonde - She has blonde hair

For instance, there are healthy eating habits that actually aren't so healthy, and there's the age-old question of whether or not you're getting enough sleep.. But there's a less obvious aspect of your lifestyle that might be impacting your health: loneliness. INSIDER spoke to two experts about loneliness: Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brigham Young. 6. Describe actions that reveal physical characteristics. As we'd been talking, she'd pulled [her hair] into a high, loose bun with shorter pieces of hair falling around her face. -Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. 7. A first person narrator can give biased opinions about appearances A sociopath is a term used to describe someone who has antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). People with ASPD can't understand others' feelings. They'll often break rules or make impulsiv a person who is weak does not have much physical strength or energy. frail adjective. physically weak and not very healthy. feeble adjective. physically weak, especially because you are old or ill. infirm adjective. weak because of old age or illness. vulnerable adjective. someone who is vulnerable is weak or easy to hurt physically or mentally. sickly adjective. someone who is sickly is.

The English language would be incredibly dull without those descriptive adjectives. We've put together a handy list of amazing adjectives you can use to describe tone, feelings and emotions - good or bad A person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day. A sedentary lifestyle can potentially contribute to ill health and many preventable causes of death. Screen time is a modern term for the amount of time a person spends. Being mentally or emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues. Rather than the absence of mental illness, mental health refers to the presence of positive characteristics. People who are mentally healthy have: A sense of contentment. A zest for living and the ability to laugh and have fun. The ability to deal with stress and bounce. The Appearance of a Depressed Person . Robin Kahler By Robin Kahler. Robin Kahler is a patient who was diagnosed with affective bipolar disorder in 1988. She works from her home in Tucson, Arizona, as an...Read More. I never attended a School of Medicine, but I imagine there is a professor somewhere who teaches a class titled: THE APPEARANCE OF THE PATIENT IN DEPRESSION When I was in my. Disability abuse happens when a person is abused physically, financially, verbally or mentally due to the person having a disability. As many disabilities are not visible (for example, asthma, learning disabilities) some abusers cannot rationalize the non-physical disability with a need for understanding, support, and so on

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An example of this may be as subtle as someone laughing at an inappropriate time, Hampton says. Of course, this doesn't always mean someone is experiencing difficulties coping, but it may open up. This list also includes respectful words which should be used to describe different impairments. What is okay for some people is not 'okay' for others. If you don't know what to say, just ask how a person likes to be described. List of words and recommended alternatives. When referring to people with disability in general Terms to avoid: afflicted by crippled by diffability.

How marriage changes you physically and mentally, according to science. Kevin Loria . 2018-06-24T14:20:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. An image of a chain. Key Points: Disabilities can affect people in different ways, even when one person has the same type of disability as another person. Categories of disability types include various physical and mental impairments that can hamper or reduce a person's ability to carry out their day to day activities Tips for Giving the Best Answer . Be specific: Provide examples that show how you have demonstrated your work ethic. Be concise: Share your example succinctly, without rambling on too long. Showcase qualities valued by the job at hand: Think back to the job description and any research you did about the company.If this company will appreciate collaboration, self-motivation, willingness to work.

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Winston is physically transformed by seeming to age beyond his years, emotionally transformed by learning to love Big Brother and not care about Julia, and mentally transformed from having. Physically and Mentally Unhealthy Days. Physically and mentally unhealthy days measure the number of days in the past 30 days that individuals rated their physical or mental health as not good. In 2008, individuals in the United States reported on average 3.6 physically unhealthy days and 3.4 mentally unhealthy days in the past 30 days Mentally definition is - in the mind : using the mind. How to use mentally in a sentence Child neglect is not always easy to spot. Sometimes, a parent might become physically or mentally unable to care for a child, such as in cases of serious illness or injury, or untreated depression or anxiety. Other times, alcohol or drug abuse may seriously impair judgment and the ability to keep a child safe. [Read: Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

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Mental health refers to people's cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. We define mental health and explain the different disorders that may arise, as well as potential treatments physically definition: 1. in a way that relates to the body or someone's appearance: 2. in a way that relates to things. Learn more The characteristics of a healthy person include a high level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, a low resting heart rate, balanced muscular strength, a high level of cardiovascular fitness and being happy in work and home life. Together, these factors lower the risk of heart attack, cancer, injury, mental illness and other diseases that are more likely to manifest themselves in less. Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically and Mentally! We are in a continual healing cycle. We are such perfect machines, that our body and mind are healing as we breath and as our hearts beat. While we sleep, our bodies are free to do their job. Most of the time, though, the healing process needs our conscious help. In order to keep our bodies and minds operating in their top form, we need to do.

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The mouthpiece of the gaming generation, The Escapist aims to capture and celebrate the contemporary video gaming lifestyle and the diverse global video game culture by way of in-depth features, thought provoking articles and relevant columns authored by leading video game authorities, as well as cutting-edge video shorts, engaging forums and robust social media elements that incorporate the. Heart and lungs - moderate intensity exercise is most favourable: for example, exercising at about 70 per cent of the individual's maximum heart rate (220 beats per minute minus your age). Studies show that cardiorespiratory fitness takes longer to achieve in an older person than a young person, but the physical benefits are similar. Regardless of age, people are able to improve their. 121 Words To Describe A Person posted by John Spacey, August 09, 2020. The A list of personal weaknesses with specific examples of how to explain them. 23 Examples of Personal Weaknesses » Grit . An overview of grit with definition, characteristics and examples. 13 Examples of Grit » Talent A list of abilities that are commonly viewed as a talent as opposed to a commodity skill. 20. Click to see full answer Thereof, how would you describe a physically fit and unfit person? Basically, a physically fit person is healthy -- inside and out, while an unfit person, no matter how skinny or healthy-looking they are, is described as unfit due to their inability to carry out physical tasks given.. Furthermore, what 5 factors would you use to determine if someone is physically fit Jordon Proctor added Describe your last run. How physically exhausting? How mentally exhausting? How physically exhausting? How mentally exhausting? to Scrip

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Describing people and things Look and learn some adjectives to describe things and people Infidelity is bad for you both physically and mentally, study finds. And some are more affected than others. Rachel Hosie @rachel_hosie. Tuesday 06 June 2017 14:17. comments. Article bookmarked. Physical definition: Physical qualities, actions, or things are connected with a person's body, rather than... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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If a person is physically healthy he will also become mentally healthy because the mental health depends on physical health and vice versa. Therefore good physical health is the first stepping stone to mental health. Mental health is important for an individual to enable him to lead a happy, contented and healthy social life, and to withstand the stress and strains of life in a satisfactory. For example, there is some Learn a new skill or hobby. Work or volunteer. These types of mentally stimulating activities have not been proven to prevent serious cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's disease, but they can be fun! Plus, findings from observational studies suggest that some informal mentally stimulating activities, such as reading or playing games, may lower the risk of. But in view of the large number of mentally retardeds in India, this number is quite negligible. ADVERTISEMENTS: Mental retardation has been referred to differently by different psycho logists and psychological associations. For example, British psychologist; like Cyril Burt (1955) and Clark and Clark (1973) and the WHO (1954, 1961, and 1968) have used the term 'subnormal mind'. However. Here are five ways to stay mentally healthy: 1. Take Care of Your Body. Your mind and body are intimately connected and your body's health can adversely affect your mental health as well. People with chronic health issues are much more likely to fall prey to depression and have much longer and more severe depressive episodes than someone who is physically fit. When your body feels poorly or. How to Improve Yourself Mentally and Physically. When your body is physically healthy, your mind benefits. Sufficient sleep, exercise and good nutrition all contribute to improved concentration, greater mental focus, increased creativity and better memory. Likewise, optimism and a positive attitude help you.

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Adjectives used to describe a person's character and personality traits. A free online esl lesson with clear example sentences using words like affectionate, sympathetic. to aggressive, egotistical. Suitable for classroom use or self-study at home Being able to describe a person is a must have skill. Not only you can be asked this type of question (describe someone) during IELTS Speaking Part 2, but also you will definitely will have numerous real-life situatuations where you need to describe someone's appearance or character. This is something we often do in our dayly interactions with friiends, family, colleagues etc. To. #1 Physically fit. Apparently, there are still females out there who are looking for the manly man in terms of physique. This goes back to women's basic biological instincts, which associate physically fit guys with the ability to protect and provide for them. Move over, dad bod. #2 Ambitious. You may want to entice women by saying that you are a made man in the sense that you have a career.

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Mental disabilities: Mental disabilities describe issues that affect a person mentally. This category describes mental conditions as well as mental disorders. For instance, anxiety, Alzheimer's disease, and Down syndrome are in this particular category. Although autism is a sensory issue, it sometimes is included in this classification. Mental disabilities include conditions such as. It appears that as long as the person has the passion and spark for life, the achievements of that person can become unbelievably outstanding as many of the following ten inspirational stories attest to. Besides being inspirational to other physically challenged people they are equally inspirational to those of us who feel we are unable to make a difference and give up trying when the. There is little I detest more than trying to describe how my character looks. The reasons are numerous. I think it sounds boring. It slows the story. It reads like a list or sounds cliched, etc, blargh de blargh. I write in first person, to boot, making it even more difficult to create natural-sounding character description without using the dreaded MIRROR technique. After all, every time a. And so, with a little help from Entrepreneur, Psychology Today, and a good bit of research by yours truly, here are 10 expert ways to be a mentally stronger person. 1. Deal with your emotion Brahim is very outgoing. He is an extroverted person who loves having fun all the time. He's got a great sense of humour, and he always makes me laugh. Brahim is a very generous and sensitive person. However, he can be a little tense at times. For example, when someone crosses him, he suddenly becomes very quarrelsome and wild Genetic factors in mental disorders interact with a person's family and cultural environment. A person who has a gene associated with susceptibility to alcohol abuse, for example, may not develop the disorder if he or she grows up in a family that teaches effective ways to cope with stress and responsible attitudes toward drinking

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